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DT CommercialPhoto is the informed photographer’s destination for the highest quality photographic solutions in the world. We are the world’s largest dealer of Phase One camera systems, and represent a carefully curated selection of the finest lighting, optics, and technical cameras to accompany them. With an experienced sales team, award-winning support staff, and the largest inventory of Phase One products in the nation, DT CommercialPhoto provides the world’s most demanding photographers with an unmatched customer experience. Whether you’re looking to purchase or demo your own Phase One solution, rent equipment for a shoot, or build your skills with our customized trainings and professional development courses, the DT CommercialPhoto experience is simply the best in the industry.

DT CulturalHeritage is America’s leading designer and manufacturer of digitization solutions for our nation’s libraries, museums, and cultural institutions. Using cutting edge technology to preserve our shared cultural heritage, we provide turnkey digitization solutions with advanced reprographic copy stands, revolutionary camera platforms, and sophisticated automation software. Our team comprises over a century of collective expertise, and brings together the industry’s top talent. With diverse backgrounds in engineering, photography, conservation, and art history, our vast network of professional collaborators and passionate in-house R&D team enable us to provide custom solutions to overcome your most difficult challenges, and our award-winning support team ensures that you’re ready to take on new ones for years to come.

DT Scientific represents the culmination of over a decade of internal R&D at DT, bringing the power of large-format imaging to the scientific and industrial community. With an unmatched level of precision, automation, and versatility, our unique imaging systems provide high-throughput, high-resolution imaging with speed and quality impossible with other systems. With advanced solutions like multispectral imaging modules, integrated focus stacking, and user-friendly development tools for further customization, our rapid-capture stations are ready for any challenge. Whether you’re at an academic research institution or Fortune 500 Company, we can help you build the perfect imaging system for your needs.

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Our Story

The DT Difference

We founded Digital Transitions in 2003, with one simple belief – when you invest in the best digital imaging systems in the world, you deserve more than a camera. You deserve a solution. So we brought together a team of passionate sales professionals who actually use every piece of equipment they recommend. We built a award-winning support staff to bring you customized one-on-one training and real-time troubleshooting, so you can focus on what matters. We even curate an ongoing series of unique experiences for our elite community of MAXResolution members, with exclusive events at our showrooms in NYC and LA, and workshops and road-shows everywhere in between. And while no two clients are the same, we’ve found that they all have one thing in common – they all demand the best.

And 15 years later, we’re still delivering, every day.

Digital Transitions. Because the Best Deserve the Best.

Color Accuracy & Superior Detail
Our Team

Our Team

As DT has expanded into increasingly diverse and demanding markets, our team has grown rapidly to continue to provide the professional support and expertise that every DT client deserves. All of our team members are experts in their field and are committed to helping you achieve your imaging goals quickly and thoroughly. Our people and culture of excellence are what make the DT experience the best in the industry.

Latest News

Black+White Shootout

For many photographers looking to create Black+White imagery, simply desaturating a color image provides all the detail, contrast, and quality necessary—with the added benefit of carrying around just one digital back for both color and B+W. But for the serious B+W aficionado, every pixel matters. This is where Phase One’s Achromatic digital backs come in. To illustrate the differences inherent to an Achromatic sensor, DT did a head-to-head test of the IQ3 100MP Achromatic and the IQ3 100MP Trichromatic…

DT Help National Geographic Digitize Their Autochrome Collection

On February 14th, the National Geographic Society (NGS) and DT Cultural Heritage (DT) spent a day collaboratively testing potential techniques and workflows for the preservation-grade digitization of National Geographic’s Autochromes and related mosaic-based color...

May Featured Photographer – Carol Highsmith

Often referred to as “America’s Photographer,” Carol Highsmith is a legend in the photography world. Having photographed every state in the nation‚ she’s spent decades capturing the beauty inherent in every-day American life. She’s also donated her life’s work—over 100,000 photographs— to the Library of Congress, which C. Ford Peatross, director of the Center for Architecture at the Library of Congress, called “…one of the greatest acts of generosity in the history of the Library of Congress.” We’re honored to have a woman of her caliber as our Featured Photographer this month and have the chance to get insight into her history, inspiration, and work process.


DT's Archivist Seminar Series

DT Cultural Heritage is excited to invite you to join us for our Archivist Seminar Series! This event will feature a private seminar curated by Digital transitions staff, light bites, and spirited discussions with New York City's preeminent archivists on exciting new projects, techniques, and technologies.

Capture One Training

Digital Transitions has extensive Capture One training classes available; whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or an expert, we have curriculum available to extend your knowledge of the number one professional Raw editor in the world. Click the link to see our upcoming training schedule and sign up for your class.

DT Cultural Heritage Midwest Round Table - Chicago

Due to the success of our Cultural Heritage Round Table events on the East and West Coast, we’re excited to announce the addition of a third Round Table in the Midwest—this year in Chicago—bringing leaders in Cultural Heritage to the Midwest to share stories and wisdom, and give the CH community an opportunity to connect, mingle, and discuss the latest industry events and technology. We're inviting our speakers and attendees from across the midwest to join us in Chicago for a day long event celebrating the cultural heritage industry and digitization.

Featured Products

Phase One IQ4 150 MP

Phase One has unveiled its newest digital back—the Phase One IQ4 150 MP— with an astounding 150 Megapixel image sensor. More than just an “IQ3 with more megapixels,” Phase One’s new “Infinity Platform” has added more processing power, performance, and new features than any single product upgrade in their entire history. Click here to read more.

Phase One IQ4 150 MP

The New DT V-Cradle

Purpose-designed to make the digitization of bound material simple, fast, and safe

We spent years interviewing and listening to feedback from the Cultural Heritage community in order to develop a product that meets your specific needs, including the ability to safely handle rare and delicate material, accommodate the myriad bindings in your collection, and integrate into your unique workflow and digitization process—all in a custom design built specifically for operator comfort.

Capture One Pro

Capture One continues to lead the way in RAW file image editing and has faster than ever tethered capture from camera to computer. Expertise from supporting more than 400 cameras combined with relentless dedication to creative freedom has brought recognition to Capture One’s workflow, exceptional color handling, and precision editing tools. Capture One software was developed with the ambition of enabling you to achieve your creative vision through a smooth, efficient workflow; making it the professional’s choice in imaging software. If you’re looking to master Capture One, we might suggest our upcoming classes.

Capture One Pro