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Capture One 7 Webinar: Not So Basic Basics

Price: $77.00

Pre-requisite: This course is for users new to Capture One 7 or users needing a refresher.

The ‘Not So Basic Basics’ course is a detailed introduction that will fully enable you to get started with Capture One right away. 

Description: Starting from a detailed explanation of the Library Tool Tab then moving to tethered Capture Setup and Importing.  We will then cover Basic Images Adjustments. We cover how to customize your image as well as how to fine-tune your workflow. Lastly, we discuss the variety of output options to create the your final TIFF and JPEG images. Each course ends with a question and answer time so you’ll have ample opportunity to ask questions specific to your needs.


Capture One

Capture One
Capture Naming

Capture One
Process Recipes

Capture One
Simplified Tethered Workspace

Full List of Topics Covered:

Catalogs, Sessions, Albums, Favorites, System Folders, Workspaces, Next Capture Naming, Next Capture Adjustments, Importing, Camera Controls, Base Characteristics, White Balance, Exposure, Crop, Rotation, Overlay, Focus, Sharpening, Output, Batch Queue, Composition Mode, Rating, Color Tag, Keyboard Shortcuts, Exposure Warning, Watermark, Manual Sorting.

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Webinar Description Overview

Digital Transitions Webinars are presented through WebEx. This webinar series is a live presentation with a group of no more then 25 people. Questions can be asked throughout the webinar as well as during the Question and Answer period.

What You Need To Log In
After registration has closed you will receive an email that contains the link to the webinar, the Meeting Number, and Meeting Password. The meeting will be available for log in approximately 15 minutes prior to start time.

When Should You Log In
We recommend that you log in early in case you encounter any problems. If you go to the site earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start time, you will not be able to log in and should wait a little longer before trying again.

When the meeting has started, you will be prompted to enter the Meeting Number and Meeting Password. After this information is entered, you will see your Attendeee ID Number appear in a pop-up box that you will be asked to enter as well. When this is complete, a program called Meeting Manager will appear and you will be able to see the meeting. For audio, there are two options, calling in through your phone or using a headset on your computer.

Do I need Capture One Running?
Capture One is not required to be running during the webinar. You will see the presenter’s screen that will show Capture One. However, many webinar attendees prefer to have Capture One running so they can follow along on their own.

What version of Capture One is being shown?
Our Capture One webinars always utilize the most current version of the software.

What operating system is used during the webinar?
We use the latest Mac OS system. However, if you are a PC user you’ll see that Capture One is nearly identical cross-platform so you will not have any issue learning the software.

Please note that there are no refunds for Webinars. 

Price: $77.00

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