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Phase One IQ260, IQ280 and Achromatic: 11 Things to Know

Today Phase One announced the IQ2 Series! The Phase One IQ280, Phase One IQ260 and Phase One IQ260 Achromatic bring enhanced image quality with long exposures, a wireless workflow and seamless camera system integration. With the sheer mass of announcements from Phase One today we thought we'd unpack some of the details for you and break down what you really need to know.

However, if you want to get all the nitty-gritty, you can take a look at the Phase One Press Release here.




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1. Holy Dynamic Range Batman

By redesigning the supporting electronics and subsystems of the back Phase One was able to squeeze another half stop of dynamic range out of their excellent Dalsa sensors. This has resulted in an extraordinary 13 stops of clean, clear, and crisp dynamic range. This isn't an abstract measure; this is the range of tones you can expect to capture with smooth tonality, accurate color, and beautiful noise-free shadows. 

The imaging science wizards at Phase One tell us to expect the 80MP model, the Phase One IQ280, to remain king of the hill for years to come, with the Phase One IQ260 and Phase One IQ260 achromatic right behind it.

2. Long Exposure has Returned with the Phase One IQ260

One hour exposures are back. The Phase One IQ260 long exposure capability is based on a special mode you turn on or off. It increases the long exposure limit from one minute to one hour and increases native ISO from 50 to 140. This has been accomplished by developing an entirely new 60MP sensor co-developed with Dalsa. The guys in the lab tell us they expect quality directly comparable with the P 45+ (the previous champion of long exposures) but with the 3-times-higher native ISO of 140. Long exposures aren't just back; they're better than ever.


3. Achromatic Has Come to the IQ2 Series

This is an update of the concept of the Phase One Achromatic Plus 39MP B+W back. This entirely new 60MP sensor is produced without bayer pattern, so every pixel sees every color, leading to amazingly sharp detail, smooth black and white tonality, and the ability to use traditional color filters in the field. It also has an extended spectral range into infrared and UV, making it great for special applications, fine-art, as well as general purpose visible-only B+W photography.


4. Wireless Viewing, No Computer Needed 

All three backs in the Phase One IQ2 Series feature built-in dual-band N wireless. This wireless system is directly integrated into the back, for direct and fast access to the raw data from the moment it's captured until the moment the CF card is ejected. 

This enables the use of the popular Capture Pilot iOS app without the need for a computer or tethered shooting. You don't even need electricity or a solid place to stand. Just turn on the back and the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch and you and your art director, assistant, digital tech, and the rest of your crew will have instant access to your images on Apple's big, beautiful displays.


5. Remote Operation of the Camera

With the wireless capability of a Phase One IQ260, Phase One IQ280, or Phase One IQ260 Achromatic you can control shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and shutter release of the camera through the iOS device. This requires the back is on a Phase One/Mamiya DF+ body. 

You can also remotely set the digital back's white balance based on the content of an image. So you can capture a neutral gray WB target, balance the camera to that target, and save that white balance for future shots.


6. Remote Review and Color Tagging

While viewing images in Capture Pilot on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you can view and change the ratings and color tags stored for those images in the digital back. This means when you later download the card into Capture One you can immediately access your select images. 

Hand an iPad to an Art Director at the start of the shoot and they can indicate their favorites in real time (or during breaks), directly integrated into your workflow.


Phase One IQ260 and Phase One IQ280 Wireless

7. Wireless Works With Any iOS Device

Every model of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch are supported. Newer models will generally be a bit faster. Special consideration should be given to the Retina model displays which require the display of four times as many pixels. Phase One is considering a special mode in Capture Pilot which would use standard resolutions even on a Retina model when speed-of-refresh is more important than pixel density.


8. USB3 is fast!

All IQ2 models come with both FW800 and USB3 which are backwards compatible to FW400 and USB3. 

USB3 connects very fast and transmits images even faster than FW800, especially with sustained shooting.

The international specification for USB3 is limited to 10'. Like FireWire (the official spec of which is max 15') longer cables may work, especially if they are of high quality and/or used with repeaters, but it's safest to stay within the official limit where practical. 


9. Wireless Works to TV

You can plug any iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch into a TV using the HDMI out cable Apple sells for older and newer iOS devices.


10. Sample Files Will be Available Soon

We'll soon be posting sample files showing the enhanced 13 stops of dynamic range, and showing long exposure capability on the IQ260. Stay tuned to our blog


11. Where to See Phase One IQ2 / Other Information

Digital Transitions will have the first IQ2 prototype available in the U.S. for private demonstration. We are currently having an IQ2 Sneak Peek in our New York City location March 11th - 13th by appointment only. Request your Appointment here.

Upcoming Phase One IQ2 Events

Wednesday, March 27th: New York City
Meet Jacob Sune Sørensen, Phase One Hardware Engineering Manager, and get the inside scoop on all things IQ2.
Wednesday, April 17th: Dallas, TX
Open House & Demonstration: 10am-4pm
Thursday, April 18th: Houston, TX
Open House & Demonstration: 10am-4pm
Friday, April 19th: Denver, CO
Open House & Demonstration: 10am-4pm

IQ2 is scheduled to begin shipping in June 2013. Contact us for information on pricing, availability and upgrade options. We will announce more information as it becomes available.

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