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Mamiya Leaf Credo FAQ

With the announcement today of the very exciting Leaf Credo Digital Back, we thought we'd do something new as a company. We're live blogging all the questions we are getting about the new back. Email your question to dep@digitaltransitions.com or call us Toll Free: 877.f/ortless (877.367.8537). Stay tuned for your answers...


What camera mounts are available? 
The Leaf Credo will support the Mamiya/Phase, Contax, Hasselblad V, and Hasselblad H mounts. Hy6/AFI mounts will be available by special order. 

Is the H4X supported?
The H4X is supported by the Leaf Credo. 

Is the Hy6 / AFI supported?
A Hy6/AFI mount version of the Credo 60 and Credo 80 are available by special order. Contact us for more details.

Is there a rotating sensor version?
The Aptus II 10R and Aptus II 12R are still available. There are no plans for a rotating sensor version of the Credo. However, any V-mount Leaf Credo can be mounted both vertically and horizontally. 

Where does the battery go?
The battery fits inside the back, creating a better sealed and more robust system. While tethered by firewire the battery is automatically charged.

Is there a Fan?
The Leaf Credo uses sophisticated heat-sinking and other forms of passive cooling. No active cooling was required. Therefore no air vent or  fan is present.

Will Leaf Capture support the new Leaf Credo?
The Leaf Credo is supported by Capture One, the best raw workflow software on the market. Leaf Capture will not support the Leaf Credo and will only receive minor updates to insure it's functionality with new OS and new computers. Capture One also supports legacy Mamiya Leaf backs and both Mac and Windows. If you need help learning Capture One we suggest one of our online classes.

Is there a Credo similar to the Aptus II 10?
The Credo comes in two sensor sizes. The Credo 80 and Credo 60 are 53.7x40.4mm and the Credo 40 is 43.9x32.9mm. The Aptus II 10 used a 56x36mm sensor, and no such Credo is planned at this time. However a Credo 80 is only about 1mm less on the left and right sides, and can easily be cropped down to a 4:3 image while retaining around 54mp worth of resolution. Digital Transitions can help you with the creation of a custom viewfinder mask and a custom style in Capture One to crop all images to 3:2 (or other aspect ratios like 1:1, square). 

How is the Credo related to the IQ?
Since Phase One and Leaf have merged they were able to share technology and purchasing power. As a result there are many similarities to the IQ series. For instance the same 40, 60, and 80mp sensors are used and the same high-grade metal is used in the chassis. However many differences appear under the hood. The most obvious (external) difference is the use of touch-sensitive strips outside of the image area on the LCD. While the Credo allows the user to pan/zoom directly on the image, this touch sensitive strip around the LCD also allows  user to pan/zoom around the image without having to touch the image itself - preventing smudging and allowing the user to see the entire image (no finger in the way!). 

Other differences:

  • Different industrial design
  • Different UI
  • Leaf Profiles and Curves
  • No Mechanical Buttons
  • No Sensor+
  • Extended Touch Area
  • No Focus Mask
  • No Auto-Horizon or Auto-Keystone
  • Different Warranty Options
  • Different service/support channel
  • Made in Israel rather than Denmark
  • Price

To discuss these difference in detail please give us a call and we'll be happy to explain what differences matter to the style of photography you do.

- Leaf Profiles and Curves
- No mechanical buttons
- No sensor+
- Extended touch area
- No focus mask
- No auto-horizon, no auto-keystone.
- Different Warranty options
- Different service/support channel
- Made in Israel

- Price

Different UI- Leaf Profiles and Curves- No mechanical buttons- No sensor+- Extended touch area- No focus mask- No auto-horizon, no auto-keystone.- Different Warranty options- Different service/support channel- Made in Israel- Price

Where is the Credo made?
The Credo 40, Credo 60, and Credo 80 are made in Israel by Leaf Imaging. 

Are the upgrades available from Aptus II and older Leaf backs?
Digital Transitions would be glad to take any digital back or competitors digital back on trade. There are some established list prices for Aptus II upgrades; other upgrades require an evaluation of your back (make, model, condition etc). Give us a call or fill out this form and we'll get back to you right away with a quote.